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Your Eyes

May 24, 2011
By SilentOnlooker10 SILVER, Hillsboro, Oregon
SilentOnlooker10 SILVER, Hillsboro, Oregon
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If you are first you are first, if you are second you are nothing.

So often they get lost in the chaos of the day, more than words do they speak if allowed the chance to say; what my own do unlock when the gaze is deep and true, it’s a song that was written all by me, composed by you. Not a shout but a whisper one that speaks straight to my soul, it’s the voice that I come to when my world is falling down. Welled with tears, etched with colors, cringed in pain or bright with joy. Stroked with sunshine, glistening in moonlight, they are the color of the ocean blue; they are my comfort, they are my story, the beacon that leads me back to you. The window to your soul, one that only I know well, I see your happiness, your fear and your pride that sometimes swells. I see your anger and your sadness for they never can tell lies, they are my fortress, they are my fantasy, my dream – your deep blue eyes.

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