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The Third Eye

May 26, 2011
By kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
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The third eye sees the tears that gather behind my eyes
The third eye knows if I’m happy or sad
It knows how much I hate lies
It can tell if my night was good or bad
The third eye knows who’s hurt me
It knows that I’m always forgiving
It knows that you and me will forever be
The third eye knows that some important people to me are no longer living
The third eye knows exactly what I’m feeling
It can see right through my chest and into my heart; as if I were made of glass
It knows when I feel like running, but I can't get up from kneeling
The third eye sees my pain
The third eye knows that sometimes I feel like giving up
It sees my blood start to pulse faster through every vein
It knows eye cry enough tears every day that they could fill up a cup
The third eye knows I can’t stand being up in front of the class
The third eye can see through my happy mask
It can see all the questions I hold deep inside
It longs to answer the questions I’m too afraid to ask
The third eye knows, my life isn’t an easy ride.

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