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All He Needs is Love

May 28, 2011
By nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
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You’ve got an amazing boy,
Full of hope and love and dreams.
I wish you could see your parenting
Is ripping him at the seams
He wants so bad to love you,
To open up and speak.
But when he tries, you cut him down,
And he’s left feeling weak.
He looks up to who you are,
He just wants to believe
That maybe, deep down, you love him too,
But pain is all he sees.
All I ever wanted is to love him,
Show him his own beauty.
I want him to know how great he is,
Is that so wrong of me?
All I did was notice
This incredible boy you raised.
And I will keep on loving him
No matter what you say.
But you’re tearing him apart;
He’s lost and scared as hell.
He’s losing all his faith in you,
And in himself as well.
Please just sit and listen,
He just wants you to hear
What he’s going through right now,
His hope, his love, his fear.
Please try to remember:
You were his ago too.
And if you felt lost like him,
Who would you turn to?

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