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June 2, 2011
By ariadee BRONZE, Maseru, Other
ariadee BRONZE, Maseru, Other
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I remember laying there
my mind in disarray,
thinking of what was happening, finally facing the situation. Frozen,unmoving.

I was screaming because I didnt know what else to do.
Darkness was all I saw, and I was saturated with sorrow.
My gleeful memeories were blackened by anger. My smile stolen by the one I love...and hate.

All my mind was filled with was him as I cried,
my tears were so poignant they were cold and wouldnt fall from my cheeks.
Instead they stayed almost frozen.

I tried to convince myself to walk away but I couldnt,
the chains that bound us were resilient. He was mine and I felt a love too deep to leave his side regardless of all he put me through.

My head throbbed as i tried to resist it,i tried to resist him.

We were an amazing match,
everything was perfection,
every caress, every embrace , every kiss.

I let down the barriers, and filled him with waves of flaws and insecurities which he bravely welcomed until they fought and broke down his barriers.

All that could go wrong did and i was frozen inside.

Loving one who hurt me constantly took its toll on me,
my smile faded and my world as well without his love.
All the while my love for him swelled feeding on his absense.

If only he didnt say those three words.

This was going too far. I was losing my identity,I became a product of his actions and i was addicted with he who couldnt help but hurt me.

I melted the chains, built up my barriers and my memories colred once again, my smile dazzles and glistens. I've regained my identity
but I am still lifeless,
my heart still longs for him,
am more tied to him than I was with him.
Still I stay, Frozen as ever.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after going through a tough time in my life. I just wanted to convey the feeling of lament-grief i felt for our relationship and who i used to be.

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