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No... I Don't Love You Anymore

June 14, 2011
By kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
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The red flag didn't go up in time
And I got hurt... I got hurt a lot
So once again, I'm writing you a rhyme
But this time it's not good, cause you got caught

The poems I wrote you used to be about love
And I thought you were the best I could find
But with these poems, when push comes to shove
This one is the one that will simmer in your mind

And I hate you more than hate
The love is completely gone
Never again will we date
I am not your pawn

I was always strong
And in your eyes
You were never wrong
So here's our goodbyes

So sex with more girls than you can count on one hand?
Damn, we're still kids... are there even more?
And oh you're cool 'cause you're in a band
No I don't love you anymore, you're a man whore

You make my heart sore
You threw me on the floor
You played me hard-core
So now I say no more

Go have some one-night stands
And never hold hands
Never care or be cared about
Go insane until you shout

You loved to leave me behind
Some guys would call you blind
So nows I'm off to someone who cares
Because I know I can do better, he's right down the stairs

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