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June 6, 2011
By Ventus PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Ventus PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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"Only once the drugs are dying. That i feel like dying"- Lil Wayne

Sleep is close, but it won’t come to me.
I lay staring at the ceiling above.
My thoughts circle me, some sad, some happy.
But they stay thoughts, teasing me with the dreams I love.

Dreams are open to possibilities.
Dreams that show who we truly are stay beyond my reach.
These sleepless nights leave me weak.
And soon nightmares invade.

Nightmare’s where all my worst fears live.
People die, choices are forced, and loves are lost.
These and more reflect my life.
These thoughts float around me.

Sleep finally takes me.
The long peace and tranquility of dreams absorb my being.
The next day I awaken happy and refreshed.
But every night it’s the same thing.

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