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last breath

June 16, 2011
By EmoMonkey SILVER, Pataskala, Ohio
EmoMonkey SILVER, Pataskala, Ohio
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Just give me a knife
I'm done with this life
It will only hurt if you cry
But I can't live this lie
You say it will get better
But it will only last forever
Please just help me now
I need to realize how
Without you I'm going crazy
But I have to do this baby
You can't help me out
You don't know what it's about
I'm done with this drama
Before it gives me trauma
Don't make it a big deal
I just need some time to heal
I need for you to help me
Because I want to be free
My wrists are so scarred
But it's because my life is so hard
This wont last very long
But remember "stay strong"
Celebrate my death
This is my last breath
I know you are gonna cry,
But baby, this is my goodbye

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