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Me, in His eyes

June 20, 2011
By LiveLoveMusic SILVER, Torrington, Wyoming
LiveLoveMusic SILVER, Torrington, Wyoming
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I stare at my reflection,
My big.
My far apart.
My small.
I stare at me,
my reflection with my eye brows pulled together
and think.
He died for me.
He died for this girl looking at me and thinking, and judging.
He saved me.
The girl with nothing...
no every thing going for her.
The girl with the cute little nose.
The girl with beautiful green eyes, spaced perfectly.
The girl with normal ears put in their normal spot.
I stare at my reflection, and think.
If he died to save me, erase my sins.
Then I am more than a self conscious judgmental girl.
I am a self conscious, judgmental girl worth dieing for.

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