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A Dying Sun Was Never So Beautiful.

June 22, 2011
By shelby_kat DIAMOND, Warren, Ohio
shelby_kat DIAMOND, Warren, Ohio
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"I can sum up everything I've learned about life in three words; it goes on." -Robert Frost

Have you ever felt like you could do anything?
That you could walk outside, breath in the air, and be invincible?
That you could run for miles and miles and never look back.
And regrets just seemed like long lost thoughts that were too rash to be taken seriously?

Have you ever felt like that?
Like nothing was out of your reach,
and the stars were so close your fingertips could brush them?
That every breath you take was a miracle from God,
and being alive never felt so good.

Because I feel like that,
every single time I see that smile;
see those eyes.
I feel like nothing is impossible.
That everything I feel is tangible and I can share them with the world.

I didn't know happiness could make a person feel invincible,
just like I didn't know that when I made that leap,
you were there to catch me.

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