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June 23, 2011
By Old-World-Blues DIAMOND, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
Old-World-Blues DIAMOND, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
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I'm sorry I left you
With no other choice
But my body left me
With no other voice

These arms cannot
Hold them in
These bars cannot
Contain my sins

I'm sorry the truth
Felt like a knife
But fate left me
With only one life

Law cannot
Break me down
This cell cannot
Drive me to the ground

I'm sorry your soul
Was not mine to take
I'm sorry, in the end
I seemed to be fake

These chains cannot
Bring me to Hell
I dream of you
In this dark cell

The author's comments:
About a false friend who you thought you could count on, but in the end, it seems as if they were just a killer. A killer that makes you feel as if you were the victim.

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