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The perfect image

June 26, 2011
By Lynn727 BRONZE, Shawano, Wisconsin
Lynn727 BRONZE, Shawano, Wisconsin
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For some unattainable
For others it’s just a little over the horizon
A few tweaks and perfection is possible
Just a few pounds lighter
Food becomes the enemy
The treadmill becomes a best friend
Just a few more A’s
Sleep is no longer a wanted necessity
Coffee has become a partner in crime
Just one perfect boyfriend
No more confessing to friends what has been done
No more fighting unless behind closed doors
Pure perfection
No easy feat
But feasible if wanted enough
Perfection is wanted by a majority
Only few tear their lives apart
Trying to get it
These few drive themselves near death
Trying to reach what most view as unattainable
Is it worth it?

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