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The Musician's Song

July 9, 2011
By CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
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An instrument cannot create its own music.
Instruments cannot remember the notes that have been played.
They have to be tuned before they can make soul touching song.
They will not produce sound without a sound-maker.
When they are first purchased they are new, pure, and beautiful.
After a while they become tainted, old, and used.
If they are taken care of and played often they don't have to be tuned so recurrently.
Their shape never changes, but the music inside of them can manifest itself in many ways.
One instrument can change a symphony, but will not sound as lovely on its own.
If it makes no music, it has no purpose.

How much does this reflect Christians?

We cannot do anything for God unless the Holy Spirit makes our music.
Often, we don’t remember the things we said or did when we minister because it wasn’t us.
It was the Spirit.
We just remember the faint occurrence.
We must be tuned before we can be used.
We are just an empty container unless God’s love resounds through us.
When we except God’s blood purchase, we are washed clean of every impurity.
After time passes, we frequently forget our Musician.
If we allow His hands to care for us and use us for His grand symphony, we don’t have to be put through the flames to fit His mold so often.
We can allow many different sounds to flow out of who we are.
We will always have the same body.
Our thoughts, emotions, Spirit, and speech will constantly change.
You can choose to produce Screamo or Classical.
Notes to bring life or death.
God uses us as the body.
We are not meant to be alone.

Unlike instruments, we have minds. So we can refuse to be played.

It is not the shape of the instrument that matters.
Do you prefer the guitar to the piano because of its looks?
The soft strum or passionate cries of the pricked and stroked strings make the music more appealing to your ears.
Is the guitar meant to appease everyone?
There are piano people out there.
Does the guitar care?
Does its purpose change?
You are not loved because of your looks.
You were not bought because you are you.
You were bought because of the music God knew He could make with you.
Does everyone like you?
Probably not, but you have changed the lives of the ones that do.
Do not care, because you are His favorite.
Your cares are cast upon Him.
Your purpose hasn’t changed because you don’t find yourself worthy.
He will still use you regardless of your desire to be played.
You will not enjoy His music if you refuse to listen.
There is a symphony we cannot understand,
But never question what He can make beautiful in His hands.

I want you to picture something.
Every note is like a black spot of impurity on your white paper.
Alone it may sound too high, really sad, ugly, strange, alone.
But God plays them all together and there is nothing sweeter.
You are the Musician’s song.

The author's comments:
You are worth it.

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