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Let Life Take Its Course

July 4, 2011
By lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
lbbarlow125 DIAMOND, Yonkers, New York
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Let Life Take Its Course
Void of
Love power despair creation dreams hopes needs truth values inhibitions problems fears joys memories
In this void is held life
In its simplest form
Now take these inhabitants
And intertwine each together
Put with each other both the brothers and enemies
Attach love with joy
Power with despair
Dreams with hopes
Inhibitions with problems
Needs and memories
Creation with truth
Now re-mingle
And put with what seems opposite together
Things that seem to be on different ends of the spectrum
But are not
Love with despair
Dreams with power
Hopes with needs
Truth with fears
Values with inhibitions
Creation with memories
Now let these concepts flow
For when cast into the pit they lay separate
But when taken out and conjoined
When intertwined they form a difficulty simple concept
They form life
What we are as human beings is based on
Without this joining our existence could be little explained
Our forces must coincide and connect with opposites
Lest we will know not of one for his counter is not inevitable
In other words how can we know one without the other
What is true love if despair is never overhanging and watching
Then each concept would be merely a word
That of which no feeling or definition can be replaced upon
To have joy is to be without sorrow
Yet to have sorrow is to be without joy
Therefore take away one and the others definition will fade as well
And we will be left with nothing
However surprisingly is our mere darkened intellect that saves us
Humans very own breed and veil of stupidity is that which protects us
Most grown humans still see in the eyes of a child
This simple innocence is what drives these forces together
For only a fool could compare love with despair
Only one with an idiotic mind would disgrace something so pure and beautiful
With something as evil and leech-like as despair
Yet our humble-less race thrives upon it
This brings a deep and weary sigh to my bones
For I wish for none other but for life to be simple
But simple in good and love
Not in stupidity
Wisdom is not to be wise
And to be wise is not to hold wisdom
However it may to early of a time to introduce these difficult concepts back into human society
For fear minds might be twisted to collapse
At least in theory
One day the world shall ignite a spark though
And thy fair inhabitants shall grow in wisdom
Discard their stupidity and embrace more fruitful values
But even now I show stupidity
I hope for to much and wish to see none other but change
Change however will always reverse to its beginning
As winter goes comes the spring
As spring develops come the summer
And as the summer diminishes come thy autumn
And as autumn prepares comes again thy winter
To freeze then herself wither again
But man is a powerful creation
Maybe The once great cycle can be broken
It is never in stupidity to hold on to hope
For it is not an invalid concept
One which shall always remain man's greatest triumph
For it shall always lead to none other but another
So for now I will let man take his course
And watch from the side as I observe myself and the people
And when the day comes
Gently nudge myself into giving the light and promise to the world
This I shall swear and never lock away nor allow it to coincide with any other power
I will wait to simply let life take its course.

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