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Blouse Bleeding Ashes

July 18, 2011
By R.A.Masena SILVER, Madison, Wisconsin
R.A.Masena SILVER, Madison, Wisconsin
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The struggle for breath
The journey of heartbeat
The challenge to live below eternity
To inhabit the world that lies beneath
The soles of her feat

In this stained world she wears only the pure
A midnight blouse bleeding ashes
Draped in scars she marches through time
Sky blushes pink as she sews the patches

As sunlight spills in she breathes the scent
Fresh batches of mold painting dreams dark
Layered worlds in slow motion drive her laugh
To drown out the pain to ignite the spark

Fiery palace framing her ancient face
As flames evaporate tears of sorrow numbing the clashes
Ones that eagerly lick at words of forever
'Till all that survives is a pure midnight blouse bleeding ashes

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