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So, can we pretend like that never happend?

August 4, 2011
By Anna96 PLATINUM, Appleton, Wisconsin
Anna96 PLATINUM, Appleton, Wisconsin
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You never want to hear the one you love
Tell you that they don;t like you and have to mend
Every piece of your heart or have to shove
It in a notebook hidden under your bed.

You don't want him to sat the word cheated,
When he was the one that kissed you.
And have everything turned around while being defeated.
By him telling you there's another girl, when all you want is him.

So you ask why he kissed you the way he did,
And when he says he doesn't know,
That's when you realize that he hid
Everything he ever felt from you.

Then you have to hide the hurt; your mom can't know.
Your first kiss just broke your heart without warning
And there is no way you can show.
You're trapped in your little world forever again.

He tells you that he's sorry and doesn't want it to end.
He never ment to hurt you, and he feels guilty that he did.
But you still reply with a button called send.
He doesn't care enough to hear your voice.

He wants and tries to make things right.
With tears in your eyes, you have to be the bigger person.
But in the back or your head, you think you just might
Fall for him again, and you are terrified that you will.

And now looking back six months and a day,
I know that you secretly hate me for making you
Suffer through the guilt and pain, but still all i can say,
I loved you then, and love you still, and forever will.

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