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August 14, 2011
By MaggieClaude SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
MaggieClaude SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
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The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

You. Just thinking of you makes me so excited. Thinking of you gets me so wet and leaves me trembling with needs of your desire and love for me.

Every time and anytime I think of you I would be overjoyed and I would end up crying, but it wouldn't be a sad cry, it would be a crying of happiness.

I see our babies smiling, then I smile too and give you a very long, meaningful kiss. I stare into your eyes and you stare back at me, and you say that you love me and that our babies mean the world to you.

When I hear our babies crying in the middle of the nights, I wake up and find your arms wrapped around me. I'm always being so careful getting out of bed without waking you up but you always find a way to be awake. As usual, you reach for me and ask me where I'm going with such passion in your voice, then I tell you that I'm going to check on the babies.

Again, you don't let me go, you never do. you always tell me to come back to bed and that you will take care of them yourself, and you do what you always do before getting off bed which always leave me wanting more: You kiss me, touch my cheek and look into my eyes even with such little light in the room reflected by stars that are glittering like diamonds exposed to the sun and the big full moon that tells such tales.

Unfortunately, I would wake up in the morning finding the other side of the bed so cold and neat because you were never there. You were never on my bed sleeping with me. You weren't with me physically but I know you were spiritually. you were with me spiritually to keep me warm and safe through the night knowing that my hero is with me.

Oh lover!!! I would love you so much. I would love to do anything that would make you happy. i would love to be the only one and the number one woman that can fulfil your fantasies.

Dear lover, I know and I can feel that my heartbeats would match your heartbeats. I know and I can feel that by looking into your eyes only I would feel and know how much you care and how much you love me.

My love, I would give all myself to you without expecting anything back but I know that you would give me 100% of yourself and love to me in return.
I have so much to offer the one and only,

The author's comments:
Lots of long nights dreaming about the perfect one for me.

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