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Setting Me Free

August 2, 2011
By Miss.ReNa SILVER, Sacramento, California
Miss.ReNa SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Lost In A Dark World No Way Out,
Bruises And Scars,
Can You Hear My Painful Shout?
Slaps In The Face, Kicked In The Head, Alone In The Dark, I Just Wish I Was Dead.
I Don't Know What I Did To Get Treated This Way,
try To Do My Best And Be Good Every Day.
I Try To out run my enemy,but he's here to stay,
With words still unspoken, its a game i don't wanna play.
For 9 years i held back all tears,
Praying to God My cry out he can hear.
My shell is separated from the shell i loved in,
I'm a broken body bag that's torn and broken.
With tears rolling down my cheek,
I'm praying someone can hear me shriek.
But my cry out for help doesn't seem to be enough,
so I'm on my own i have no choice but to be tough.
Ive waited and i hoped my life would change,
But After a while all my hope were drained.
I Impounded in my head this is a war ill never win,
Theirs no point to breathy theirs no point to live.
But then one day a bright woman came to say,there is a better life through that open door,
And if you want things to change then my voice you shouldn't ignore.
I didn't understand i didn't believe it was the truth,
So i sat still all alone not knowing what to do.
And then the woman came and once again she spoke,
She said your life isn't over theirs still a little hope,
And with the help of loving people you'll be able to cope.
With tears in my eyes i gently replied,Thank you for loving me,
And setting me free.

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