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Passing A Note

August 8, 2011
By WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
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I stood up in class and read the note
That girl three rows back with powder blue eyes,
Wrote it, she couldn’t wait five minutes for the bell
So now I was suckered in and I’m living my own personal hell

“Tell us what the note says, tell us what couldn’t wait.”
The ignorant teacher asks
Maybe if she opened her eyes
She’d see what really went on in her class

Adena texts her boyfriend
They text every minute
Their gooey-gooey love affair
Is not private since Adena LOVES to share

Joey sleeps because he’s up late at night
He fights with his parents
Smokes, drinks, and takes the car
He’s out cold on her Greek lessons of a fearsome Minotaur

Becky likes to spread the word
Written on the bathroom stalls
And every piece of gossip she’s ever heard
She repeats it word-for-word

But me? I’m the good kid
I sit in class and write my notes
I ace my tests and I’m never late
My record is a pristine slate

Stupid Sidney, she’s smirking now
Yeah, she tossed me her note to pass
For the quarterback with the broken nose
But I’ve some tricks I’m ready to show

“Dear Jake last night was great
In my neighbors hot tub under the stars
Too bad I screamed so loud
They called the cop cars

I’m over you and our fling is finished
And its time I get this off my chest
Why I screamed so hard and so loud
Before I went under, I forgot to take a breath!

Love-You’re Ex Girlfriend, please don’t send another text”

Personal hell, I faced it well
Put Sidney in her rightful place
Jake’s expression was gorilla and blank
And the laughing class all had me to Thank

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on Sep. 2 2011 at 1:32 pm
redhairCat PLATINUM, Pebble Beach, California
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Funny and cute!