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Masquerade Show

August 15, 2011
By HappyCamper GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
HappyCamper GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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It’s time for the show

Put on your mask

It makes the act

Get out there and see more and more people everyday

Change yourself

Look different, act different

This pleases them

Take off your costume, take off your mask

Lately, that outfit is looking more like you

And that mask just won’t come off

You’re an original

Outrageous, wild, and you don’t care about what the audience thinks

But, through it all, you’re too concerned

If you become anything close to predictable

Well, that’d be the end of this character

Isn’t it pure irony that in order to please your audience,

You put on this charade,

Disguise yourself as someone who's so nonchalant about others' opinions?

Do you want admirers,

Or simply viewers?


Or someone to notice that you’re not perfect?

You accept your imperfections,

But you put forth no effort into changing them

It’s time to get ready for the show

This is the show,

And it may never end.

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