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High School

August 18, 2011
By Shepherd16 BRONZE, Walpole, Massachusetts
Shepherd16 BRONZE, Walpole, Massachusetts
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Lovelorn girls,
Fill the hallways of this empty place,
Foolish boys,
Search out for the easy targets.

The feelings I hold for you,
They hurt my heart,
I can’t help myself,
I let you tear me apart.

You might not be as one track minded as you seem,
Perhaps you feel as I do,
Is it even possible?
Does your heart pound as mine,
You hands sweat at the sight,
And your breath catches,
You long for someone too.

Every single one of us understands this feeling,
We are alike in this way,
Our hearts beat as one.

I like you,
As Mickey liked Minnie,
And you like her,
As Daisy liked Donald.

Love is a funny thing,
I think we could have it,
But your heart lies with some else.

This building holds so much emotion,
So much hurt, pain, want, love, lust;
And enough jealousy to eat away at the very foundation we stand upon.

High school,
We’re all stuck in it,
And we all find someone within,
With them we find hope, happiness, and hurt.

When you’re old enough,
You’ll attend one too,
To learn silly school matters,
But to also to fall in love.

Please don’t give your heart away too fast,
In this crazy place,
You’ll never pick the right person,
And waste the years.

The want is terrible,
He’ll never feel the same,
You’ll never be alone with the feeling,
Everyone around you will know it.

And I will have known it.
I will help you,
Guide you,
We’ll get you out alive.

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