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Open up

September 1, 2011
By Emmazing GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
Emmazing GOLD, Alexandria, Virginia
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I'm simply complicated.

I sit and I write
The words that express how I feel
But half the time
What I write is not real
Its all happy
And full of lies
I could not express my feelings
Though I’ve tried many times
So I pretend my life is amazing
I smile through my pain
Adding frill and glitter
Though I feel it's in vain
It's all changed
I feared it would
I wish I had stopped time
If only I could
You are slipping away
I can't stop you
No matter how hard I try
No matter what I do
Because it’s all up to you
It always has been
From the beginning
Right up to the end
You could change my life
Or make me crash to the ground
You could show me your love
Or have it never been found
I don’t love what you do
I don’t love what you have shown to be
I don’t love your new girlfriend
You are just a mystery
An open book
But you don’t let me in
Now you're,
Closed again
Are you an action adventure
Or maybe a love story
Are you full of hate
Or passion and glory
If you don’t give me the code
I wont be able to begin
To fix the problem
You have to let me in
Why I try so hard
I don’t think I’ll ever know
I think I should pack up
Or maybe just go
There are plenty of fish in the sea
Or books on this shelf
Maybe I’ll try another one
Maybe that will help
Because of you
Now I'm scared
Like a little kid who needs a hug
And no one is there
I might stay up late
So I don’t dream
because in mind
things are not what they seem
in my dreams you visit me
and say sweet things
You teach me to fly
then steal my wings
Like a broken promise
our foundation starts to crack
our spark is gone
will we ever get it back
Although my love seems to fade
Growing dimmer each day
Deep in my heart
I fear it may never fully go away

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