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Where I am From...

September 11, 2011
By JLEIGH96 GOLD, Corydon, Indiana
JLEIGH96 GOLD, Corydon, Indiana
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I am from the girl with freckles head to toe,
Glasses that fall to the tip of my nose,
Blonde hair that shows when i speak,
And a characteristic that makes me weak,

I am from Kidz Bop and Powerpuff Girls too,
The people at haunted houses that jump out and go "BOO!",

I am from people that care,
My sister and me always played and shared,
From all the candy you can eat,
To you move your feet you lose your seat,

I am from the Mother that came after i was already born,
She lifted me up when I felt torn,
Her family accepted us as their own,
Holding us tight as if to say they never want to let go,

I am from all these things, but only one makes me unique,
The fact that I am from the only place i call home,
And my own family.

The author's comments:
This was for English but i thought it was good enough here.

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