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Cupid, Cupid.

September 6, 2011
By Cammie PLATINUM, Vero Beach, Florida
Cammie PLATINUM, Vero Beach, Florida
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Cupid, we need to talk about your aim.
The inaccuracy of your arrow drives me insane.
Did you mean to hit me?
Or was this mere target practice?
Some spectacles should help you see.
The effect of your arrow leaves me breathless.
Cupid, cupid. What have you done?
You make me want to compare their smile to the sun?
Through grass fields I want to hold hands and run.
Why does my mind entertain ideas that are more than just fun.
What if my feelings aren't reciprocated?
Won't that leave me devastated?
It's better to be loved than hated.
Was the shot with your bow and arrow estimated?
The effect is so eye opening.
I've never noticed the sparkle in those eyes before.
Heart, is that a happy song you sing?
Their hair has never had so much allure.
Maybe I should thank you Cupid.
You've done something good.
You've helped me to realize someone I never thought I would.

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