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The raven

September 23, 2011
By NerysJimenez BRONZE, Bronx, New York
NerysJimenez BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease of fear; only love can do that. Hatred paralyzes life, love releases it. Hatred confuses life. Love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love iluminates it.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Eternal full moon night, quiet, calm and dark
the wind blows very strong; accelerating the beats of my heart,
and when I focus my eyes against the enormous black rug that covers my head
in my eyes reflects the sound of the farthest sound you could imagine.

The sound of silence, but there is something more that I’m not able to decipher
the presence of a being so small but powerful at the same time,
my ears don’t manage to hear a single song ,
but beyond I can hear his slow sighs…

The night is silent and everything is calm… the hours pass by
and the presence that I’m being watch sustains by my side,
my anxiety to find that which I hear in the
Immense silence of the night feels me with despair.

I look around with the goal to find what unsettles and worries my soul so much,
but once more without success I hear those beats. Slowly. but near
again I’m filled with desire and I begin to tremble…

My whole body begins to sweat, feels like I’m possessed
By a small creature of the beyond, a malicious force that tries to control
My soul… I can’t find it, I can’t stop it!
I can’t escape this sense of manipulation that runs in my veins

The hours continue to pass, and the sounds begin to transform more and more strong...
so strong that’s excruciating, and almost impossible to think…
it’s strange how the presence of a curious being can tie your mind
in a blink of an eye it can control your soul and make you go mad

But why? Where is it? Why does it hide?
soon after a lingering amount of torture,
once more I gaze out the window and again I see
through the crystal that small, simple, and normal creature,
but so profound, powerful and terrifying at the same time
I can’t believe what my eyes examine, that which had been
torturing me… was so simple… so simple that I would have never guessed
that which is so powerful and manipulative, that hid and controlled me
through that anxious sound between a full moon night was only a raven.

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