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October 6, 2011
By Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
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live today as if it was your last with every possible moment, and
live it up, drink it down, party hard

wheres the fun when everyone you know stops caring?
is it possible you chased them away...lost them...or never had them in the beginning..
maybe one day everyone can prove who they are.
how do you really know someone?
is it after someone trips, loses there mind, forgot who you when you get the awaking from hell?
maybe life was suppose to be this way were no one really cares.
or maybe it was just the thought of everything falling apart.
but one day when everything goes away there will b tht one person who you'll do anything for and they will make you feel better then you could ever imagine.
the pain of losing the one you cared most about.
the one you would die to see.
the one who brought pain in your eyes.
the tears of pain and suffering.
did you ever think that it was your fault?
it can't be, right?
you did this
you made your own pain
you chose your life
you can't forgive something you did
you can't blame you
your self concerns f***** you up
you were a screw up
you threw yourself at him
he denied you
you cried
you blead for him
and he just didn't want you
you weren't good nough right?
he did this to you
made you blame your self
kick yourself in the behind
wanted death
it wasn't you it was him.
stop crying
get over it
he was a mistake
stop your blubbering
hes nothing!
stop your anger
he did this not you!
rise up against this
against the horror
against the pain
against the suffering
he was nothing but a lie
your hopes died becuz you trusted him
it was a terrible
we can be so much more!

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