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Do You?

October 13, 2011
By Consulting-Detective GOLD, Andover, Massachusetts
Consulting-Detective GOLD, Andover, Massachusetts
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If you knew that seeing you causes me pain.
Your smile ignites a fuse in me,
Your laugh detonates a bomb.
But you look past me now.

I am no more yours than I am the president.
We used to be happy,
Or at least I did.
You look at me now like I'm an annoyance.
I am a pesky fly
You want to

So I loved you.
Did you ever love me?
I hope so,
But I doubt it.

Did you ever stop to think about how I felt?
When you left me?
I'll tell you.

And everything I have ever felt.

Because I loved you.
Did you love me?

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