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Our Work Is Over

October 20, 2011
By Andie95 BRONZE, Varnville, South Carolina
Andie95 BRONZE, Varnville, South Carolina
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Starting when you walk near,
my cheeks spread ear to ear.
My heart beats twice as fast,
sustaining its enriching task.

Nothing is greater than the static i feel,
no greater deal than this deal.
My heart for yours, yours for mine,
switching back and forth, in due time.

Throughts ring in my head,
the day rumors are spread.
They said you were a waste of time,
well i say they're words are not even worth a dime.

I know what i feel, and what I feel is what I go by,
so do not listen, I am not shy.
They lied to you when they said I was through,
we're just getting started, practically brand new.

Long enough in time for me to see,
nothing is wrong with you and me.
Lies shall not split us apart,
but in that time, we depart.

Our differences keep us away,
long day by aching day.
My schedule keeps me running amuck,
like the chicken and the duck.

Tired as ever,
I stay strong to endeavor.
Nothing will stop me from reaching my goal,
my pain is written in blood on the scroll.

Hard work pays off, don't you see,
we're here together on this earth to be,
to be forever instilled our rights,
to pick out our own fights.

I can fight for what I believe in,
that right is engraved into my skin.
No more will I let them push me down,
with you by my side, I will never frown.

The many of us that stand in front of you,
are here to fight for what is true.
For the honor we will always hold,
and to no longer scold.

Pain is suffering,
sorry but you're logic needs buffering.
It is outdated, and now looked down upon,
I think all our work is done.

I think it's safe to say it's over?
Hopefully we're lucky like a four-leafed clover.
Over and out,
there is no need to shout.

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