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Things I know about you

October 18, 2011
By CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain."

Your favorite animal is a wolf because you hate to be alone
Books are your constant companions when you have to be at home
You swim and you run track
You complete everything without looking back
You love without strings attached
Even if you’re not meant to be matched
You have no problem with your man hood
You even admit that Taylor Lautner looks good
There’s no one I’d rather eat washing machines with
As long as you bring the peanut butter! Please don’t bring Jiff.
We run together along beaches made of stars
And touch the planets even though they seem so far
You probably give 2,000 hugs a day
Without even feeling like you gave yourself away
You wear ozzy glasses and love to watch Spirit
You play guitar and I always love to hear it.
You hide so well outside of the box
You’re creative and funny and look good in socks
You’re hands are always warm while mine are always cold
And so they are always good to hold
You’re smile has run away again
But it will return my friend
If it doesn’t then the sun might as well die
And all of the clouds should start to cry
Because the world is wrong when you’re not right
Expect the dark without the night
You love to eat especially things that are sweet
And you want to take care of animals as long as you live
I think it’s because you have so much to give
Steve Irwin is your hero and I think you’re just as brave
And that there isn’t anything biotic that you wouldn’t have the courage to save
You say that it’s good to let the feelings out
So that your panic doesn’t attack you with all your many doubts
So why won’t you let me inside?
Why would you try to hide?
I want to be there by your side.
I’ve always held you when you’ve cried.
I know you are feeling hurt
And I know that your mouth tastes like dirt
And your heart’s all cramped in a little space
And your mind won’t quit its endless race
So let me help find your peace
It can’t be that far from your reach
I know you wake up at night when it’s close to day
And that you have trouble sleeping that won’t go away
I know that I love to listen to you pray
And I know that I’ll always love you this way
Why won’t you accept that you’re the best?
Swim the ocean, forget the rest.
You’re the bestest kid in the whole wide world
You don’t deserve just any girl
She didn’t even care about your dreams
Not all good things are as they seem…
You’re the best son a mom could ever have
And the pride that rests inside your dad
You’re my best friend and I’ll love you forever
I hope you’ll let us stay together
You’re the best man that you can be
And you shine God’s light so bright you see
I do know you, but want to know more
Like why do you always shut your door?
What do you think when the lights go dark?
And what do you feel inside your heart?
Why do crowds make you freak?
Why do you always pause to speak?
Will you go with me to the fair?
What kind of rides will you like there?
What do you think of dishes left in the sink?
And does ravioli make you stink? (LOL I know this one…XD)
What goes on inside your head?
And what do you think about the dead?
Do you love me like I love you?
I know it’s a lot but I hope you do…
I know that family means a lot
And that you’d never give a dog a name like spot
You’re very, very good at math
And always know how to make me laugh
I know you care and love and hope
Your worth listening to, you’re not a joke
You always know just what to say
And you make the rocks just run away
You’re always sweet and super nice
And you know how to listen without the advice
I love how you are and how you do what you do
I’m glad that God made you to always be you.

Oh gosh I hope you love me too…
I couldn’t help falling in love with you.

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Spin and Dip! :D

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