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I Still Remember

October 25, 2011
By Proof SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
Proof SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
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The world is yours you just have to take it

I remember...
Me and my mom was broke
As a B****
stuck on that hopeless s***
surviving on cup noodles-and
bottle water
growing up without
a good father...
it was three times
he left me for dead
he tried to send me to the feds
can you imagine how that
messed up my head?
that n**** deserves to eat lead
live and let die
i can let the situation
fly or fry...

I still remember...
being proud to be
A young black male
i got into the real world
poverty, rascism,stereotypes
disease and more likely for jail...
political fucntions for president
why should i vote
when im part of the problem
ghetto is my place of residence
what methods of injustice
are the president going to use
to solve them?
i want a life where
i can tell the police
my s*** is legit
suck my d***
a registered gun -N-
i dont trust you
police brutality??
touch me -N-
ima bust you
i aint runnin

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