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ever changeing rose

October 25, 2011
By bellviven GOLD, Emporia, Kansas
bellviven GOLD, Emporia, Kansas
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Elizabeth lays broken and bloody on the ground skin cold and pail. She lay dead upon the ground. That cold hard tool had cut to deep. This time she couldn’t stand the pain that had been ripping inside of her. The only way to release it was to cut away a place where it could leak out of her body in the end soothing only a little of the pain. This was now laying curled up inside herself not moving. Still cold, still pail, except for red stain that slowly grew larger adding only a little color here and there. Laying there she looked so peaceful compared to once before where a look of pain from what was happening inside her was present the tears that stained the cheeks day after day that never seemed to come clean. You could see that inside she was fighting trying not to show it putting on a smile trying to hide it from everyone else. How could this broken bloody rose be content having fallen from its stem that had seemed so strong? It was an ever changing rose starting out light pink it wavered every now and then and as time went on a little red would start to show in different places. slowly ever so slowly you could see the red grow darker and darker. In till one day it broke from its stem where it hid away where it could not be seen and then it grew completely darker red. After some time it had become white sitting in a puddle of red having lost all of its color. It had faded away. The ever changing colors of this rose no one shall ever understand how it was willing to disappear fall and change for one last time never changing again.

The author's comments:
ummmmm...i like roses...i have nothing to say not even shure what to write but if you wouled give me constrictive critisem that wouled be great

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