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Five sounds of the night

November 14, 2011
By Socks BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Socks BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I lie in bed and close my eyes but cannot sleep, so I listen to the sounds of the night.
Sound 1: The sound of late night drivers, trains across the railroad blowing their horns, police cars and fire trucks racing to do their job.
All the sounds to break a good rest.
Sound 2: The sound of a plane flying bringing back painful memories. Each time one goes by, 9/11 flashes through your mind.

A sound that some wish to never hear again.
Sound 3: The sound of crickets making music for late night critters; a joke that no one gets; dinner bell that frogs love to hear.
A sound that makes me laugh at night.
Sound 4: The sound of everyone sleeping; little brothers grinding teeth; the dog and granny snoring; mom mumbling words of a dream.
A sound that I am slightly jealous of.
Sound 5: The sound of my sadness, the sniffle of my nose, the quiver of my lips, the dripping of my tears, the whimper of my cry.
A sound that He can only hear.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because ever since we moved, I hear crazy noises every night especially if i stay up late. So therefore I decided to go head and write about it.

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