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I Close My Eyes

November 4, 2011
By BrokenTogether GOLD, Saraland, Alabama
BrokenTogether GOLD, Saraland, Alabama
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I close my eyes and maybe I see
A lot of things impossible
I imagine I could see music dance
The way I can see rain drops bouncing
Off the ground
I swear I could hear an angel sing
Soft lyrics that can’t be written
A melody impossibly sweeter than any other
I close my eyes and maybe I see
The things I dare not wish for
I see death itself
I see greed and passion
And all of the dark things that
Can consume my soul
And, sometimes, I even see you
I close my eyes and maybe I see
Maybe I see nothing
Just the darkness of the darkness
As my eyelids touch together
I close my eyes and maybe I see
Maybe I see the things that I’ve seen before
The rolling waves of the ocean
The purplish hue of sunset
All the good things, and all the bad
But it just seems better if I close my eyes

The author's comments:
Just something I wrote for a poetry anthology we had to do for English in 8th grade.

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