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November 17, 2011
By skywriter PLATINUM, Hood River, Oregon
skywriter PLATINUM, Hood River, Oregon
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"The first draft of anything is crap."

We’re late waiting--
everyone else has already begun.
Sitting, standing;
the blue roses have been plucked from their
and replaced on the bushes--
tied with a piece of pink ribbon.

Running into this place,
seeing it again--
Not much has happened
since the last time.
I think we expected more.

More what?
More pain? More destruction?
the rubble of so many lives is towering at my feet.
I guess we have just become accustomed to it.

To a world without sense.
To a world without time.
We are used to it now.
Our eyes don’t even blink
at the pile of dusty skeletons
still locked up in
Mama’s closet.

We burned them all.

The author's comments:
This is one of the poems I wrote for an EA project I called "The Poetry Project". The purpose was to write at least one poem every day for a year.I wrote this poem in biology.

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