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To Charli "Kat" Rae Gore

December 3, 2011
By Talia_Silverwolf GOLD, Dayton, Texas
Talia_Silverwolf GOLD, Dayton, Texas
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Love is like a rose.

Fifteen was to young to go
And it's sad to say that a low life took you from me
You were the little sister that I never got to have
You understood me when no one else did
April 15, 2011
Was the saddest day of my life
That's when I got the news
My best friend was gone
It didn't quite register in my mind
Till I got home and I started to cry
A few weeks later I finally had to say goodbye
I cried on the shoulder of the love my life
I looked in his eyes and asked him "why?"
The only answer he could give "Some people have no soul"
And when they went to take your little casket out, I couldn't even look
I hugged your mama
I whispered her ear "I'm so sorry"
I slowly walked down the line and when I hugged your dad, I didn't have words to say so he told "It'll be okay"
That day was horrible
And miss you Charli girl
I miss your smile
I miss your blue eyes
I wish you could tell me what happened
I wish I could tell you goodbye and hug you one last time

I loved my sister with all my heart. And I miss her so very much. I went to the place she was hit exactly one month after her funeral.. I couldn't make it out of the truck before I started to sob. I miss her and I still go visit her grave when I can.

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