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Hunt's End

November 15, 2011
By TheForgottenMuse BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
TheForgottenMuse BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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And here we are
we've reached what we thought
might have been the final destination
but turns out it's just another stop
a resting point before we go on
littered with the trash of those who went before
and turned back here...

I've begun to wonder
if it's time to say what I've been thinking
but whenever i try
with a smile you remind me
just how far we have left to go
and i sink back into the hunt again...

don't leave me
please save me
don't take this away

i want you to love me

the darkness of the star that guides us
is only three words away
from becoming the light that blinds us
it's almost time to say goodbye
and in the warmth of your hand
i see the gate to destruction

don't leave me
please save me
don't take this away

and when I'm with you, the world fades around us
my shelter falls away, you free me from the ice

and at this abandoned post
we'll rest in the footprints of the lost
and drink from the wells of the damned
and we'll pretend to understand
what brought us here, and who we are
to cause each other so much pain
it's almost time to say goodbye

I'll try to forget
that i wanted you to love me...

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