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December 22, 2011
By Jinxerz SILVER, Springdale, Arkansas
Jinxerz SILVER, Springdale, Arkansas
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If you clip the eagle's wings, it will never soar

I run as fast as I can,
Trying to escape such memories.
Happy and sad alike,
I don't want them part of me.
Wishing for something more,
Praying for even greater,
My knees are raw
From all the times I've fallen.
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off.
Heartbreak hurts,
But pain is an illusion.
I can get through this.
Strength is a state of mind
Power is the strength of heart.
Love is open
Faith is kind.
My dreams reach Heaven
As my hopes collide.
Crash and burn,
Laughter always does,
Still, I won't bow.
Not for anyone.
Pride is my arrogance,
And I have plenty.
My tears are unable to fall,
No matter how strongly I wish for them.
I am Hulk.
No, I am Hercules.
Here to unite,
To protect and fight,
And to win.
This isn't a poem of wishing for forgiveness.
This isn't a ballad of broken dreams.
This isn't me asking for anything.
This isn't me on my knees.
I'll stay strong,
I'll stay 'happy',
Nothing can hurt me,
I'm Hercules.

The author's comments:
I am the middle child. One older brother, two younger brothers. But what most people don't know is that I also have two other siblings, if not by immediate blood. Chris and Breyanna were raised with my older brother and I. The four of were closer than brothers and sisters. Then one day, when I was four, my aunt lost them and they were put up for adoption. They found a good home, together, and now live amazing lives. Breyanna and I regained contact and now we are very close. ... Chris, on the other hand, seems to hold it against me personally and refuses to have any acknowledgement of me.

"Hercules" is my way of showing him that I WILL be here, no matter what. Him and Bre are most of my happy memories, and one of the reasons I've fought so hard. I wrote this to tell him I miss my cousin, brother, and old best friend but I will not subject myself to pointless pain. This poem was to show him who I am.

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