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All About You

December 15, 2011
By noemi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
noemi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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i can’t help but smile, i can’t help it
i have to look at You, and Your cute smile

i love it when we sit next to each other, I feel so special and unique
i love the way You look at me

You’re always on my mind; no matter what day it is, no matter the time
then i hang out with some old pal i used to have feelings for

but the light is getting bright; all of a sudden, You come in, into my mind
You peek here and there and everywhere you can
just to be noticed, but i have, since You were a thousand feet away from me
i spotted You from the million little colorful circles heading my way

i noticed and my heart fluttered
You come closer and my knees weaken

we talk and i can’t stop thinking how it would feel to hug you

then those amazing eyes meet mine
the room darkens and light is shone above us
and it all goes by so fast, i want more
afraid though that this might be an illusion my eyes keep away from Him as far as it can
they wonder off

Do I or Don’t…

i repeat in my emptied skull as His lips carefully move
forming perfect words that i have drained out
to make more space to think about one subject. Him.

i start to tune back in, not knowing a thing
but knowing a smile will do it
my head bobbles and i smile

oh s***

i did it again, He starts to smile too

it starts all over again
We gaze, this time a little bit longer
i start to sway a little to regain my balance
He notices and tells me if im alright
looking alert, looking ready, just in case i fall

i smile, and try to laugh it off
and say

“of course”
in my best healthy voice

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