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Beauty Underneth

December 25, 2011
By ILWriter333 GOLD, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
ILWriter333 GOLD, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
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The Beauty Underneath
Red. Red brings fury
Red is dangerous
The color of a hot headed fire,
Spinning out of control – flames growing
Red is waiting, waiting to pounce, waiting for pain
Black and red, the colors of a battle lost
Cowering with fear, the children run
The smell of blood leaking in their noses
Red is the bringer of pain,
The best friend of death

But is red really the pain? What are we without its beauty?
Red accompanies all four of the seasons year round
The leaves, as they change colors to an autumn fire,
The crimson, beauty gently falls down with the wind.
Red is a jolly old fellow carrying a bag of gifts
May comes around, and the flowers bloom a rosy red,
The blazing red follows the sun, as it sets into darkness
What are we without the red in all four seasons?

Pink, universally loved by girls everywhere,
Purple, eternally at peace with the people loving it,
These colors would be neither beautiful, nor exist
Without the sin that is red, creator of color
Red is love, a beating heart full of hope
The stain of lipstick, applied for a date
Red is America. The key to our flag
Red is a pen – permanently damaging a paper
Red is there. There to help

Red is beautiful
It tries its hardest to be accepted
Maybe we all need to loosen up,
To dig deeper than the surface.
Maybe we should forget the past
And forget all the predujuces that’s been
Built up, for years and years.
We need to start fresh
Forget about the bringer of pain
Remember the four seasons
Remember the helpful color
R e d

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