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Hopeful Teddy

December 25, 2011
By ILWriter333 GOLD, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
ILWriter333 GOLD, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
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Hope is a Teddy Bear, cradled by a lonely girl,
Pushed away by the anger in her mother,
The girl squeezes her friend,
Not caring what others might say,
Not caring if she sounds crazy

She speaks a voice of hope, whispering to her Teddy –
“Bring Daddy home, Teddy,” she says
And she sits at her window and waits
Her mother comes in, and smiles at the girl
So foolish and young, believing in nonsense –
She sits at her window and waits

As the bombs go off, and the guns keep shooting,
She sits at her window and waits
Daddy’s countries away, fighting for her,
But he’ll be back soon, she knows it’s true, so
She sits at her window and waits.

School has begun, and her friend’s in her bag
But mommy finds him and takes him away,
Putting Teddy on the window sill,
He sits at the window and waits.

She runs home from school, with a brand new friend
And Teddy watches them play, the friend showing something
Pulling a china doll out of her bag,
The doll is happiness, her new special friend,
But Teddy sits at the window and waits.

Teddy is dumped in her toy chest,
But it’s open – just a crack
So he watches the two girls play.
Playing for years, as the child grows up
‘til Dolly joins Ted in the box.

Together they’re watching – her new favorite toy
Lip gloss, applied to her face
With her eyelashes curled, and her hair straightened,
The lip gloss shows Teenage Angst.

The lip gloss lasts years, ‘til even it’s in the trash
So her pillow has room on her bed.
Tears streaming down, the broken hearted girl –
The pillow’s depression, it’s a first love gone wrong.

As she sobs to her pillow,
She hears a “Beep, beep”
And looks out her window –
She sees an army car driving.
When the door swings open
She cannot believe her eyes

She opens her chest, and looks at the doll
She walks to the pillow, and picks it up from her bed
Gently dropping it in the chest, she instead grabs Teddy
Cradling him in her arms, she bolts downstairs
She jumps into his arms, and holds him tight.
With tears in her eyes she whispers
“Daddy, you’re home”
Teddy sits at the window and waits

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