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A Penny in a Fountain

January 5, 2012
By laura22 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
laura22 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I throw the coin with all my might
So my life could see a little light
And not the gloom that towered so bright
Around me all the time

How happy would I be
If all they could just see
My wishes wondering free
Just waiting to come true

What would I give to see the day
When people who are bad would pay
And not continually get their way
In all of life’s affairs

How many tears must I cry
Before the angels even try
To help my life not be a lie
But something I am proud of

But until that day finally comes
And my coins deep in fountains
Come to god’s fingers
To help my wishes come true

I sit and wait
In my broken state
With my shiny coins as bait
For god to look upon me

And make a wish of mine come true
And turn my life to something new
Where mornings come happy and not blue
And all rainbows are colorful

How many years must I wait
Wanting change with so much haste
Because of my desire it is all based
The dreaming never comes without sadness

And the days pass by
And I cry
Wondering why
Some people have everything… and others nothing

But isn’t life just a game
With good things but a lot of blame
Wondering how to douse the flame
Of anger and of worry

But my heart tells me
To not be
Clingy but free
For someday my wishes will come true

Like flowers
After long showers
The angels will not be cowards
But be sure to look down on us

When those days come
My pennies and wishes
Will not be in vain
But the start of something new

But as I wait
They seem too late
To ever catch my bait
And make something be right

A life of
Anything different
Than this

But alas it is not
And my pennies
Are spent
On endless wishes
And lost causes

Copper morsels
Of better

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