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University of Life

December 20, 2011
By ohteatoe GOLD, Gaithersburg, Maryland
ohteatoe GOLD, Gaithersburg, Maryland
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Hello there,I’m currently studying at the University of life
I’m majoring in common sense
And I’m minoring in love
So I guess right now I’m going to share a little bit of what I’ve learned
If you don’t know the answer just pick c
It is possible to love someone without being in love with the person
Newton’s first law of physics doesn’t just apply to physical objects
If you start acting like an idiot you’re going to keep doing idiotic things until you allow the inertia of your reason to hold you back
Every broken heart presents an opportunity to rebuild and maybe next time around you’ll consider using bricks instead of straw.
If you multiply two negatives in real life, you will NOT end up with a positive
In most cases words tend to hurt a lot more than sticks and stones
Only the first three letters of the alphabet are important in the ABC’s of growing up
A is for always be yourself( yes its cheesy, but its true)
B is for better late than never
C is for care. Care for yourself and care for others because if you don’t, then no one else will.
So that pretty much sums up what I’ve learned so far
It’s a challenging curriculum but I know it’ll all be worth it
When the man upstairs hands me my diploma

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