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Just a Thought...

January 8, 2012
By Keenal Majithia SILVER, London, Other
Keenal Majithia SILVER, London, Other
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A process of elimination
War, Tsunami, Homicide
Fire, Earthquake, Genocide
Miscarriage, Crash, Suicide
Not nice, is it?

At a station
Petrol station – Don’t eat the food
Train station – Don’t count on being on time
Military station – Why not try being a pacifist?

Epic Revelations
These could be magnificently great
These could be dreadfully terrible
But sometimes it’s just a little too late
…or you think it’s too late

Misleading words called half truths, quarter truths or straight out lies
I ask you if you’re a liar
You say no, but of course you would
Why would a liar tell the truth and why would I expect so?

False Allegations
The guilty go by unpunished because they’re in suits
The innocent carry on being wrongly blamed
…just because they’re in hoodies

Half a Sensation…
Plus half of you equals a match made in maths land
Let’s face it, when they say you’ve found your other half
Does it mean you were half a person before with half a brain and just half-happy?
You don’t truly need someone to make you happy
But if you have somebody it has to be true love

Lack of Communication
Means your eyes, mouth or Facebook doesn’t work
Or you don’t want your ears to work
Or you’re not trying to make your mouth work

Nerve wrecking Examinations
Is it a science exam at school?
Maybe an exam where the results are HIV positive?
Or is it a test from God?

Not really sure what it means
But I know how it feels…to say the long word

True Determination
Finally something we can control
You can’t see it but you can sense it
No one and nothing can take it away from you
So why don’t you use it?

The author's comments:
Some random thoughts just popped into my head one day so i strung them together to form this poem. I've decided to leave the main message up to the readers on interpretation, as you can take whatever you want from it :)

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