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Collection of Poetry

January 19, 2012
By gabriellenichole_69 BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
gabriellenichole_69 BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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Quiver, shake, tremble, and quake.
Ice cold skin, frozen to the bone.
You left me alone,
Alone to bear into the lonely night.
I search endlessly,
Trying to find a reason to keep trying.
I try so hard sometimes.
I’m just ready to give up
And let my sorrows and desperation swallow me whole.
Would someone try to save me?
I don’t know,
And it kills me to think that I can’t be sure.

As I Am
I’m not perfect.
I’m moody.
I’m independent.
I’m defensive.
I’m happy.
I’m loud.
I’m crazy.
I live, laugh, and love.
I always want more.
I’m always searching for bliss.
Take me as I am.
Love me for who I am.
Deal with it if you don’t always like who that is.
If you really care about me,
You will look past all the ugly inside and out.
If you can’t,
Keep on walking,
And don’t even think twice about looking back.
What Is The Time?
What time is it, you ask?
I believe it is well past time for me to move on,
I tell myself.
I’m completely done with all of this
I’m over your charms.
I’m over your whit.
I’m over your smile.
After all these things you put me through,
All these words should be the truth.
But writing this,
I know it’s not.
I’m still head over heels,
You left me distraught.
I could lie to myself,
But I don’t have the time.
I’m definitely not over you.
Letting Go
Tear streaked face,
My chin held high.
I refuse to let you make me cry.
You have left no good in this air,
So I hold my breath.
I will not accept this death.
The death of our friendship,
The death of you,
And who I thought that was.
I guess it was never enough.
I guess I didn’t show you
What you meant to me,
And now you’ve let me go,
so I’ll let you be.
And now it rains,
Mirroring my tears.
My broken heart.
You left me with so many fears.
But I guess I now know,
When it rains…….
It pours.

Never Win This War
A tremble of my lip,
Blurring eyes,
Burning throat,
I know you wouldn’t choose to see me like this,
But you made this happen!
You are so blind to me.
It’s really quite funny,
How you say you care.
It’s obvious you don’t,
It’s obvious you won’t.
Don’t throw words around,
If they don’t mean anything to you,
Because they do to me.
You need to realize,
What you’re doing.
I’m tired of being second to everyone.
I can never win this war,
Can I?
You set me up for disaster,
Each time you speak to me!
You know how I feel,
And still you drag me along.

Playing the Part

I want this so badly to be the truth.
But my heart’s not in it.
It is still with him,
Where it may never be acknowledged.
I say it is so,
But I really don’t know why I thought that.
I guess I wanted to move on so badly,
I had to act the part of removed.
I might fool other people,
But I can’t fool myself.
I tell myself lies so I can be comforted.
Do you think I want this pain?
Why would I purposefully do this to myself?
I can’t help it.
And trust me…….
I’ve tried.

Gabbi Marsh

Creative Writing: Poetry Collection

Twilight in the Fields
The sky blazes and the sun dips low.
It sits on the horizon,
Fat and tired.
As day fades into night,
There is a cool breeze that lifts my tangled hair.
Green grass tickles my skin.
I want to lie here all night,
And gaze at the murky sky,
As the luminescent stars swim in it.
My eyelids flutter,
And I lull myself to sleep with peaceful thoughts.

The author's comments:
this is just a bunch of the poems i have been writing for class......and just to express myself.

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