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The Soldier

January 8, 2012
By ElizabethWaldie PLATINUM, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
ElizabethWaldie PLATINUM, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Soldier holds a shaking hand, kisses a forehead, and makes a stand.
Soldier cries, he must pull away, from his whole life today.
Soldier sleeps on shaking boat, fearing he’s lost important folk.
Soldier weeps unhappily, while loading guns and wandering.
Soldier walks up on deck, shaking his head, feeling regret.
Soldier peeks inside his bag that holds a picture, making him sad.
Soldier steps on dry land, still thinking of them, their shaking hands.
Soldier drops to the ground, behind a bush, and makes no sound.
Soldier is far too stubborn, to give up commitments yet unborn.
Soldier gets a call from home, a newborn life will be his own.
Soldier has his body tense; he can’t do this under the circumstance.
Soldier lays his bag on the ground and sighs as he, too, falls down.
Soldier thinks of life and what lay ahead, slowly and surely shaking his head.
Soldier laughs psychotically at the choices he’s made, so stupidly.
Soldier picks up his trunk without a sound, runs down the port and out of town.
Soldier rents a boat and sails away, out of alien place and far away.
Soldier smiles as he docks the boat, pays the man for the loan.
Soldier doesn’t rent a car, instead he runs—he sprints—so far.
Soldier walks up on the steps of a house enclosed by fence.
Soldier takes a breath, and smiles wide, then rings the bell and waits with pride.
Soldier watches door open slowly, and sees the face of one he’s missed dearly.
Soldier drops his belongings, enfolds the woman and cries with longing.
Soldier kisses woman long, wipes tears from her cheeks, sings a happy song.
Soldier steps back from woman and smiles (this time not alone), and whispers barely audible beneath the sobs, “Baby, I’m home…”

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