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Fight the Tide

January 25, 2012
By JakeRyan221 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
JakeRyan221 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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"Offend the mind to expose the heart"

(In honor of Sergeants First Class Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon)

I awoke to the scorching sun
In the belly of a metal bird
A Sea of evil advances forward
Like drums of war, their chants, I heard

I thought my Rangers forgot me, I was alone
Other men could use their grit
So I sat, waiting for the Gates
In the Mog, the Devil’s pit

As the Waves leapt toward the ship
Came the best sound I will ever hear
Knock! Knock! “Friendlies!”
“Thank God you guys are here!”

They came to help, to save the day,
To help a fellow man
For a moment, the anxious feeling left;
For a while, away the fear ran.

But the moment left too soon,
And the fear came back and killed.
No ammo, no hope;
Like a bowl, the Sea had filled

I watched in horror as my brothers fell
They gave their life for me
Not a day goes by that I don’t remember
The day they drowned in that Sea

They were given a choice, to hold back the Sea
A sea driven by hate
I live because of them, and one day I will see
Those guardian angels, at those pearly Gates

The author's comments:
In honor of our troops

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