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Gone, Gone Again

January 23, 2012
By Keenal Majithia SILVER, London, Other
Keenal Majithia SILVER, London, Other
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Sinking slowly in a chair
Pretending you don’t care
Because the pain
Is just too much to bare

Waiting for the phone to ring
So you can officially hear the news
You already know the verdict
You just pray it isn’t true

The sun morphs into the moon
March turns into May
You try listening to your favourite tune
But the world keeps turning grey

You didn’t think you’d miss them
But you do
The endless silence
Just makes it feel more true

Then when you’re about to give up
Lose hope

Move on

You hear a doorbell
Or a phone ring
And think they’re back

Just for a second

But then you realise
Then you see
Their lovely face was a disguise
Put on for me

They’ve taken the train
They’ve taken the blame
But that doesn’t matter
Cus I know longer feel sane

What matters, is they’ve gone
Stolen my heart
But abandoned my soul

The author's comments:
Was doing a creative writing exercise at school based on this title and this is what i came up with! :)

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