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To my Legendary, Eldest Brother

January 26, 2012
By KateLA GOLD, Everett, Washington
KateLA GOLD, Everett, Washington
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Someone asked me yesterday if you were dead.
I said, “No of course not,-else how could I still hear you in my head?”
You know what they said to me then? “You should get some help,”
-But why?
You're always there now-why would I want that to change?
You were with me when I went camping, chuckling as we told jokes by the fire
You were with me when I hiked-and when I nearly fell-you nudged me back where I belonged
You were with me when I studied and wrote, and was in the deepest of my own personal hell-
Whilst I was not able to achieve my best

Your sculpting was like fire-the fuel of your very life; as my writing is like a river, that nourishes my soul.
When it ran dry, and he said you had passed, I heard you say;
You loved me still and supported me, and that you knew exactly how I felt
And it was not a lie
For you taught me the greatest lesson of all
Not to let anyone discourage you from your greatest hopes and dreams-To never suppress them, Because that can be Fatal
You taught me to not let your dreams fade in front of you-to keep the hope
And thus begins the greatest lesson of all-one that I needed to learn, and was taught-
Through the most horrific sacrifice of all

We love our art because it is us-but we must not lose sight that we love each other as well.
For not for one lapse in time or judgment.
I love you Krick, and so does your dearest family, for no lapse in time or judgment can change that.
You taught me that as well.

You truly will become Legendary now; my children will know what an extraordinary artist their Uncle Krick was.

And if I am lucky, they will aspire to be just like you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my older brother, Kris-or Krick as he is known to family. I love my brother dearly, and he is inspiration for me to continue my dreams, and not to ever give up hope that one day they can be accomplished. He died March 4th, 2010. I will never forget him, and my children will know how talented their Uncle Krick was.

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