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Massacre of Goodness

January 31, 2012
By EvonkaH BRONZE, Lakeland, Georgia
EvonkaH BRONZE, Lakeland, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"Amor no es Amor"
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I know nothing of the goodness of love1

only the down sides:2


shattered dreams4

and broken promises5

Strolling down a lonely street where the shadows keep to themselves.6

Drowning in a bottomless pit of hate.7

The waters engulf me with a sense of hopelessness.8

Oh it kills me9

my soul is dead.10

It chokes me,11

it slits my throat12

I'm bleeding.13

My heart is exposed.14

I'm alive barely, but my heart isn't beating.15

It's been locked, closed.16

Never to be open, it will never be repaired because it'll just break again.17

These love leeching demons 18

have robbed off my joy.19

Eating needlessly and greedily.20

Chained to the darkside fo love who owns me.21

Love is a concept of the mind.22

Those without it live and die in silence,23

are blind.24

They make it seem sweet,25

when it actually leaves you empty.26

Tears no longer flow with water.27

Tears have cried out in pain dripping no longer clear,28

but drops of red rain.29

Their lips are red from the blood30
of the ones they "loved".31

Hearts in their jars32

beating frantically33

none of them stop.34

All the ones decieved by their35

trickery of words36

deceptive terms.37

They haven't learned 38

because their hearts still yearn.39

No, no I haven't seen the goodness of love40

only the blood bleeding 41

from the tragic massacre of really good hearts.

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