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She's Everything

February 5, 2012
By the_real_irish_andy BRONZE, Clinton, Mississippi
the_real_irish_andy BRONZE, Clinton, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
You never forget the ones you love. ~ Myself from one of my works... I hold true to that quote.

She is...
someone I can trust when I can't even trust myself
the one that can get me to smile when i can't even manage to fake it
what lights my world up when I've blown every fuse in my life

She will always be there to...
pull me aside and ask what's wrong if I'm not myself
pick me up if I fall
stop me when me anger gets the best of me
keep me from making bad decisions I am irrational
protect me from myself when I crumble and break
be by my side when I'm going through anything

She is the reason why I...
can smile
laugh until I can laugh no more
still hold on to everything I believe in
am no longer waiting for someone to care

Where would I be without her?
The simply answer is...
I don't know.

I don't know if I would be able to...
cope the stress I go through in my life
forgive myself for the things I've done in my life
handle my depression
feel confident in myself

I honestly don't know if i would still be alive today.
She was there for me when no one else was
She was there when I couldn't take anymore
She was there when I killed myself
She saved me from myself
She kept me sane
She kept me going

She will always be the reason I never give up
She will always be the reason I'm still standing
She will always be the reason I'm not in utter despair
She will always be the reason I love to help people no matter the cost...

She helped me through everything despite the cost
She taught me to put everyone else above myself
She taught me to never deny someone in need if comfort

She is everything to me...

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