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February 8, 2012
By BrianMMeagher SILVER, Rutland, Massachusetts
BrianMMeagher SILVER, Rutland, Massachusetts
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This is just a poem about who I am, it’s pretty modest
Let’s be honest
I’m the best

Thing since the virgin Mary
Probably a bit more harry
How good my rhymes are it’s scarry

You’re all my rivals gary
Speaking of trees, take a toke
Alright you may ask who’s this bloke

I’m… the reason why you’re broke
Yeah I’m a comedian but no joke
Don’t battle me man you’ll choke

I count stacks
Cause I’m like Elton John… no not like that
Prefer speaking to putting these lines on track

You’re all fake
You’re will I’ll take
I’m Bill Gates

Of our company I’m a head
You’re steve jobs… Dead
Yeah that’s what I said

I don’t care if it’s risky
I don’t care if she’s your girl, fisky
Cats, I keep that at my apartment cause I always get stray pussy

I need to rhyme quicker
My words less accurate then a Raven kicker
Oh, it that your sister?

Bigger than a balrog
Never want to be told I’m wrong
And with a random girl I’ll snog

Yes that English
It’s british
Alright I’ll quit it

More fly than a quitage, player
On tumblr
I got more followers

Then the dark lord
You suck like dementors
I transmit more than the cast of Jersey Shore

1-5 I’m a ten
much better than
anything you said
now we’ve reached the end

Well I know how that sounded
But these poems keep me grounded

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